BMW i8 ME. 20 Photoshoot

Los Angeles, CA

Downtown Los Angeles to San Pedro Beach in the BMW i8

We mounted the BMW i8 with our new ME. 20 in 22’s, with a staggered fitment. The fronts are mounted with 22×9.0 & the rear with 22×10.5, this fitment allows for the rear to encase our biggest available width in the Mach line as well as giving the complete concave look many seek. The unique mesh multi-spoke design gives the wheel a unique concave look that many will grow to love.

The model in the photos are of Kaylie Finch.


BMW i8 // ME. 20

Our BMW i8 mounted with a staggered fitment, bolstering a
22×9.0 wheels in the front & 22×10.5 in the rear. The ME. 20’s
mesh multi-spoke look blends in well with the i8’s conceptual design.



Available in Glossy Black / Machined Face Only

Staggered Fitment Available

Concave Multi-Spoke Mesh Design

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